Rhodes Town

Greek Aegean Style

The Aegean Sea at the south-eastern edge of the Mediterranean Sea is one of the most ancient places in Europe, with the chain of Greek Dodecanese islands having been inhabited since pre-historical times. Find out about the incredible architectural history of this island chain right here. Read more…

Hyde Park

Hyde Park Festival

London welcomes thousands of visitors every year for a whole host of reasons and one of the newest and best reasons that people are travelling from all around the world to visit this wonderful city is for the great concerts at Hyde Park. Read more…


Urban Jungle

London might not immediately spring to mind as the ideal location for a tree house but it just takes a bit of determination and the skills to make it happen. Read more…

outdoors in

Bringing The Outdoors In – Top Log Cabins

In a fast paced and technologically reliant world, it can be nice to get back to basics with a stay in a rustic log cabin. The most charming and attractive aspect of today’s log cabins is the fact that nature is all around you.

Whilst many of the homes we explore tended to leave behind nature as they closed the door, many others have embraced the surrounding forests and rivers and even incorporated them into their log homes, creating a truly unique and breath taking property. Some of the following homes used tree branches as an alternative to room dividers, whilst others have made use of glass and windows to frame the picturesque views and bringing light into the cabin.


Moreover, when creating their dream log home, one couple decided they would not be put off by a creek running through their desired plot of land, and so decided to incorporate it into their home with glass floors running throughout, giving a truly unique feel. If you are thinking of building your own woodland paradise, then the key is choosing good wood materials and a good joiner company such as Allstar Joinery, which can make your log cabin truly  natural paradise. And don’t think you have to sacrifice comfort to be close to nature; nowadays log cabins can come with central heating, modern plumbing and a fully equipped kitchen meaning you can get away from it all without sacrificing life’s little luxuries.

Different interior design projects can totally transform a property no matter where in the world you are, for great property in the UK take a look at this estate agent.

zen retreate

A Zen Like Forest Escape

While we’re about living in nature in rather intimate surroundings here at Creatosity, when you see a home this beautiful and designed so well, it has to be shared.



It seems as though there’s a level of serenity where the sun plays a massive part in lighting the home. It might not be the wooden wonders we’re used to, but this structure has been made from completely sustainable materials. Lighter oaks indoors help create a quite soothing environment to be in. Just look at how the decking outside compliments the interior. A simple wooden panel keeps the semblance of woodland living alive. The home is also thoroughly heated despite having such a large glass front due to a combination of heat resistant triple glazing and highly efficient delonghi radiators which add character to the interior space.

The beautifully made chandelier in the living area made from thinly cut wooden strips really helps secures that this is still a natural home, even when surrounded with slightly dulling tones. It’s a million miles from homes in Chichester (where our little blog is placed) but we like a few of the ideas we’ve seen in this video and think there are some takeaways that could be used in redecorating everything from a little lodge to a garden shed.



Thatch the Way to Go

Thatched cottages are quintessentially British and  are a staple for some of the most beautiful towns and villages around the UK. Read more…


Creative Opportunities

Here at Creatosity we tend to focus on ambitious building projects that centre around wood, that’s not to say that we aren’t a fan of other creative projects which is why we are going to be taking a look at something a little different. Read more…

fairytail forrest retreats

Fairy Tale Forest Retreats

Looking at the following pictures, it’s not hard to see why so many people are drawn to forests when choosing a holiday location or even a permanent home.

These abodes are whimsical and possess a magical quality of their own, and are truly unique. Other properties chosen have taken inspiration from nature’s colours. You can find other great UK locations with estate agents in Banbury. So what do you think for our magical fairytale forest?