Forget Cabins, Try Treehouses


At first glance the HemLoft might seem like another example of contemporary cabin design, however look closer and you will see it is in fact perched high up in a tree among the forest of British Columbia, Canada.

A Lodge Trip By The Legendary Loch


It’s rare for us to steer away from talking about living in wooden homes, but when we got a chance to see a luxury lodge in heart of Scotland, we just had to show it off. This beautiful lodge is part of Cameron House, which sits on the banks of Loch Lomond. It’s in the most stunning area in the country and is surrounded by lush forests, outstanding views of the Lowlands and is something of a mecca for nature lovers like us. The whole area near the lodge is... Read The Rest →

Keeping Cosy & Compact

forest cabin

We love it when someone takes great endeavours in creating cabins that are both stunning to look at, yet have that sentimental feeling of comfort at heart. This cabin in Wisconsin may give off the impression of seeming larger than life, but get up close and see how it utilises space.

Our Best Luxury Log Cabins


Historically lived in by Europeans settlers in America, log cabins have moved away from their humble beginnings and are now luxurious homes.  So what are so many people attracted to log cabins?  There is definitely something magical about a log cabin.

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