3 Must-See Structures in New York City

New York City is one of America’s most iconic cities, known for its microcosm of busy life culture, its historic and impressive buildings, and its glamour on our screens in movies and TV shows. NYC is a melting pot of different cultures and business sectors, making it one of the most interesting cities to visit in the world. We wholly recommend adding it to your bucket list of destinations to visit.

Whether you’re interested in visiting some of the locations you’ve seen in the movies or seeing where some of the world’s most well-known business operate; there’s really something for everyone. We’re going to go through some must-see structures based in New York City.

The New York Times Building

aklsdfjvnoDespite what many people commonly believe, the New York Times building isn’t just home to journalists and news outlets, a range of top companies do their best work here. From well-known private equity lawyers in the East Coast like Goodwin to tech giants like Bounce Exchange, the structure is a beating heart of corporate undertakings.

The actual building itself is an impressive feat of construction and engineering, standing at 1,046ft tall and offering a floor area of around 1,545,708 square feet. The structure also contains 32 elevators for visitors and employees and was developed by Forest City Ratner. It’s a tall and iconic NYC building that certainly is not to be missed.

The Statue of Liberty


Located on Liberty Island, this statue is known all over the world for standing for freedom and equality for all in America. Millions flock to the statue every single year to enjoy its expert French craftsmanship in all its glory. You can actually go inside of this statue and get a good view of the city from within; you just need to buy tickets while you’re over there.

Appearing first in 1886 as a gift, the statue of liberty has been restored a number of times due to the natural wear and tear of time itself. In terms of materials, the statue is made up primarily of copper, steel, iron, and gold – which is partly the reason why Lady Liberty requires restoration every so many years. Despite this, the structure still looks absolutely breath-taking and is well worth the time and money to go and experience.

The Empire State Building

The Empire State Building takes the top spot of a great many visitors’ must-see lists due to its impressive attributes and historic achievements. From the year 1931 all the way to 1970, the Empire State Building was the tallest structure in the world, at a whopping 1,454ft, giving it a clear spot in world records. The Empire State Building also plays host to a number of prestigious and well-known organisations in 2017 including LinkedIn, Air China, and the Human Rights Foundation.

Appearing in a range of popular film and series products, such as King Kong and Spiderman, most people will recognise the site of the Empire State Building, however, believe us when we say this is nothing compared to enjoying the view in person. It’s not just looking at the Empire State Building which is a driving force behind visiting it; you can also go straight to the top and get a picturesque view of New York City.

Visit New York City Soon

The city of New York is a shining gem of a destination in the USA and is most definitely worth a visit, perhaps during the summer months. Book your time away today and see the almost unlimited wonders and attractions NYC has to offer.

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