Arabic Modern Architecture

The city of Dubai, in the the UAE is famed for its tall skyscrapers and overall modern architecture. Lets find out some of the must see buildings that this destination has to offer.

There are many buildings in Dubai which would catch your eye. ┬áThe most famous one is without doubt the Burj Khalifa. It’s the tallest skyscraper in the world standing at nearly 830 m. Construction began back in 2009 with the outer exterior completed towards the tail end of 2009. The decision to build such a tall structure was based upon ┬áthe rulers decision to diversify away from the cities need to rely on oil and to attract more investment in other industries.

Another building which is worth visiting is the Dubai World Trade Centre. The 39 storey tower is situated on Sheikh Zayed Road next to the trade centre roundabout. Created in the late 70’s, the office space holds 8 exhibition halls for events, residential apartments and the Dubai World Trade Centre. Some of the companies who are at home in the building include MasterCard, Sony and General Motors. Great events take place at the Dubai World Trade Centre including the hotel show which is takes place in September.

Dubai’s hotels, shopping malls and everything else in between are created with the wow factor in mind.

Other places within the Middle East also have some outstanding buildings including the likes of Bahrain. Their International Exhibition Centre is jawdropping. Holding various events throughout the year including big events such as the Middle East Petrotech, if you’re there for business or pleasure, you’re likely to be stopped in your tracks by its beauty.





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