Great Geneva

Geneva might not be one of the most visited city’s in Europe but it’s still got a lot to offer in terms of attractions, culture and beauty. Let’s take a closer look at Switzerland’s wannabe capital city and see what it’s got to offer.

Sophisticated, modern and smooth, Geneva isn’t like a lot of European cities.  The people chat in every language you can think of (French, German, Italian, English) and it can be expensive. Situated on the Alpine Lake in Europe, surprisingly it’s only the 3rd biggest city in the whole of the country.

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Everybody and everything is here though, nearly 200 government and nongovernmental organisations that call Geneva’s  hotels their homes. Furthemore, enjoy great food while surrounding yourself by banks, jewellers, chocolate shops and the rich and famous.

Is it all flashy and in your face? Well kind of yes. You’re not going to find any rough edges along the lakeside  or the Old Town. You will find a more hipster way of life along the Paquis Quarter and the Rhone’s Industrial area where you’ll find pop up bars, attitude and the real Swiss so to speak.

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If you’re in town, staying at Fraser Suites Geneva is a great base for visiting the city. Located right in the centre it’s really easy to get to attractions in the city from this location. While in Geneva stay in luxury while being close to all the action.


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