London’s Most Famous Streets

An expansive vascular maze of activity and charm keeping the city alive, London’s network of streets are the life and soul of the capital. Providing a glimpse into London’s historic past, its streets are as diverse as its population and landmarks in their own right. Whether you are a tourist visiting for a few days or a local who has lived in the city their whole life, it is well worth taking some time out of your day to meander along some of the most famous streets in the capital.


Downing Street

The most important street in British Politics, Downing Street has been the primary residence of the British Prime Minister since 1735. Arguably the most influential street in the shaping of not only the U.K but also the world as we know it, some the most important political decisions of the modern era have taken place right on this street including the rise and fall of the British Empire, key decisions on both the First and Second World Wars, the construction of British nuclear weapons and the unveiling of the British Welfare State.

King’s Road

Stretching through London’s most prestigious postcodes, the King’s road, located in Chelsea and Fulham, was once completely closed to the public and used solely by King Charles II, hence the name ‘King’s Road’. Now a bustling central point for the wealthy residents of West London, designer shops and exclusive nightclubs are a common occurrence along the road. But don’t let the extravagant lifestyles of its residents put you off, the street was a hotbed for popular culture in the sixties and maintains much of this charm today. Well worth taking the tube west, after a stroll down the two-mile road head to Harrods or Hyde Park which are the main landmarks in the area.

Abbey Road

Abbey Road

Made famous by the Beatles, recreating their Abbey Road album cover for yourself on London’s most well-known zebra crossing is a must when visiting the city. Along the street, you will find the famous Abbey Road studios, at number 3. Now a protected building, the studios have hosted some of the greatest musicians of the past century. Situated in the bustling borough of Camden, after you have taken a snap on the zebra crossing head over to Camden Market for a browse around the stalls and a cheap bite to eat.

Oxford Street

If you are visiting London and want to do a bit of shopping, Oxford street is the place to head to. Not only is it the busiest street in the capital but one of the busiest in Europe, Oxford street stretches for a mile through central London and is home to thousands of shops with several brands choosing the street as the destination for their flagship stores. Whatever you are looking to buy, you are guaranteed to find it on Oxford street.

Oxford Street

Harley Street

The most famous medical street in the UK, Harley street hosts some of the world’s leading experts in the field of medicine. The street became a central hub for medical professionals in the Victorian era and has continued to expand since. Today, there are over 3000 doctors and medical professionals working on the street. Known historically for its high calibre of research and care, Harley Street specialists continue to expand the field of medicine today through ground breaking research taking place right in the heart of the capital. For example, the London Oncology Clinic, located at 95 Harley Street area, is renowned for its extensive research and care of Kidney cancer.

Baker Street

Whether you are a fan of the fictional character Sherlock Holmes, created by Arthur Conan Doyle, or not, taking a trip to Baker Street while in the capital is a must. The street is now regarded globally as an icon of British culture. Once home to the upper classes, today the street’s buildings are mainly used for commercial premises. Located in the heart of London, the street is within walking distance of many of the city’s main attractions.


With the dense amount of iconic monuments and buildings all over London it’s easy to see why there is such a rich history of culture packed within the one city- and with the inclusion of more creative and interesting buildings every year, all signs point to the trend continuing for the City. One of the more recent buildings which are up for offer is in the famous Lincoln Square, which is in the historic quarter of London.

Below is images of Lincoln Square accommodation by Lodha, the building is even more powerful due to its surroundings and is easily one of the most exciting buildings available to purchase today in London.


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