Middle Eastern Surprise in Doha

If you’re in the Middle East one of the go to places this year is Doha. With so much development and exciting projects for the future, it’s not far behind Dubai in being the main hub for visitors to the gulf. Let’s check the best attractions to visit while in Doha.

Doha has an abundance of attractions to visit while in town. You may have heard about it, you may have not but you have to visit the Museum of Islamic Art while in the city. Sitting on its own purpose built moat surroundings by enchanting scenery and well-kept lawns, the Museum of Islamic Art is home to the biggest collection of Islamic Art in the whole world. Collected from 3 continents, lose yourself in the wonders of this great museum.

If you’re looking to sample real Qatari culture then you need to venture into the middle of the Souq Waqif to the Al-Tawash Restaurant. Here you’ll find real Qatari food at great prices. It’s one of the few restaurants in the city that offer real local cuisine at great prices. Sample a number of dishes in great surroundings such as a Bendouin tent.

Another great place to visit while in Doha is the Falcon Souq. Here, you’ll experience something very unique and original. You’ll find everything to do with Falcons here. Birds will be perched in black hoods, and for a price, you can enjoy them flying in the sky.

While in town there are a number of accommodation options dotted throughout the city. We suggest a serviced apartment like the Fraser Suites Doha, where you can stay in the height of luxury while being close to lots of fun amenities.

Try something different like Doha this year and you might be surprised.

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