Modern and Creative Structures in Glasgow

Glasgow is a city with a lot of charm, creative industry, history and outstanding nightlife. Let’s look at this great city and a couple of the fantastic buildings that define one of the UK’s busiest city hubs.

Glasgow is a city that attracts lots of tourists every year for its nightlife, thriving art and culture hubs and its many historic buildings. One of the modern buildings which has become a flagship sign of the city is the SSE Hydro. The Hydro attracts millions of visitors each year. In the last year the likes of Justin Bieber, Beyonce and other big names have stopped off at the venue to a packed audience of around 13,000 people. The arena isn’t just used for concerts. The arena is also a sporting venue too which gives it another reason for its popularity. In 2015 the Hydro was the 3rd busiest multi purpose arena behind the likes of the O2 arena in London and the Manchester area with over a million tickets sales annually. Another fun fact, it even out performed the famous Madison Square Garden in New York.

Another building that is well known in Glasgow, is the majestic University of Glasgow. One of the best Universities in the world attracts some of the brightest students around to study a number of fields while employs some of the finest academics of the modern age. The building itself takes you back hundreds of years. Visiting the University is a must if you’re interested in architectural design and character. The University was found in around 1451, along with Edinburgh Uni and is a part of the Univseristas Group – a network of 21 research Universities. The 4th oldest Uni teaches students in the professions of Law, Medicine, Teaching, Civil Service and Engineering.

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As you can see from the photos above, Glasgow is known for constructions both above ground level, and below it. As Glasgow was an industrial hot spot in the 20th century, even referred to as Scots as ‘”he Big Smoke”, there was a lot of new types of equipment being used to help propel the city into the popular destination it is today. Due to this new age of technology Glasgow took advantage of huge machinery and pneumatic, these pneumatic tools were used to dig out the ground and great Glasgow’s STILL, most efficient transport for the city. In 2017, you can now buy these pneumatic products online at websites such as airline pneumatics, but for then, Scotland hadn’t ever seen a tool like this used for such a big project.

Visit Glasgow this year for something different.

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