Parisian Architecture – Palais Des Congrès De Paris

Paris is a city with an abundance of amazing buildings. With lots of history and meaning behind them. The city has a mixture of ancient traditional builds to new and modern skyscrapers. In this edition we’re going to be looking at the Palais des Congres building in the city’s 17th arrondissement.

Grand, modern and unique are words that can be used to describe the Palais des congres. The venue is a multi purpose concert, convention centre and shopping complex. The build was complete in 1974 and was headed by the well known architect Guillaume Gillet.

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The building, located in the beating heart of Paris, has seen many shows and concerts pass through its doors over the last 42 years. The shopping experience is also an added perk of the venue with lots of well known brands you would expect in a place like Paris.

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If you’re into art, dance, music or in town for a conference the Palais des Congres is the venue to attend. Concerts like Les Marbles and the Australian Pink Floyd Show are stand out events on the upcoming calendar but we suggest the Congres Cesa 2016 conference which brings together experts from all the world of the automotive industry to share knowledge and speak about the evolving world of the car world and the current trends.

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Whatever reason you decide to visit the Palais des Congres, make sure it’s part of your itinerary when you visit the city of Paris.



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