Thatch Brittania

Thatched cottages are quintessentially British and  are a staple for some of the most beautiful towns and villages around the UK.

There is an appeal about thatched cottages that has attracted buyers from all over the world, thatchers have been practicing their craft for hundreds of years yet it’s a tradition that is becoming increasingly rare. You shouldn’t feel discouraged about investing in a rustic cottage with a thatched roof.

Although they can be expensive to maintain, a well thatched roof by a skilled craftsman can last up to fifty years at a time. Moreover, a thatched roof is ecologically friendly and is the popular choice of affluent buyers who desire an authentic, rustic feel to their house.

It is also thought that a properly thatched house can be very energy efficient however the increased risk of fire, unless properly prepared, can bump up insurance premiums. because of this the way you heat your home and maintain boilers and central heating systems is extremely important.

This is why we would recommend only expert opinions on boiler care and maintenance from the likes of MJT Controls who are one of the UK’s leading distributers of both commercial and domestic heating spares.

With a large number of essential boiler parts and fittings MJT can help whether you are looking for some simple advice or on the lookout for essential items like the fan assembly gasket.

So check out our most picturesque thatched roof cottages. Would you like to live in one?

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