The Creation of a Healthy Street

At Creatosity we look at the creative actions of people to create impressive structures and arenas but when people get together we have show that we can create areas that seem to attract like minded people, businesses and industries.

Look at any city and you will find that there are little zones within it. Just look at New York with its fashion district, Little Italy and Chinatown. It serves as a place for people to find exactly what they are looking for and have a choice of the best.

In London, Harley Street has long been synonymous with the health industry with many of the top medics, consultants and specialists taking residence here.


Located in central London near Marylebone Station it has been London’s medical hub since the 19th century and is still home to a number of private specialists now. People travel from all over to visit these specialists who are often at the top of their respective fields.

The area has boomed since Doctors first started making it their home with around 20 doctors being recorded there in the mid 1800’s compared to the 3,000+ employed in health care positions now. It has been alleged that that Doctors were attracted to the housing and nearby tube stations in Regents Park and Oxford Circus as well as being close to the major London train stations such as Euston, Paddington, Kings Cross, St Pancras and, as we mentioned before, Marylebone.

One of the biggest names on Harley Street at the moment is the LOC who specialise in private oncology care. Some of the worlds leading experts work out of the LOC in different specialisms and for oncology explained just head over to their site.

It has also recently been shown that health care and cosmetic surgery is one of the biggest draws for visitors to London. It goes without saying that there are hundreds of thousands of visitors every year to the countries capital and there are many reasons for that but this is one reason that is becoming more common.

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