The Magic of Bristol


For some, Bristol may appear as one of the UK’s overlooked cities but it has proved to be an exciting place to both live and visit. Nestled in the hills of South West England, Bristol has a unique character that sets it apart from other English cities. Voted the best city in the UK to live in both 2014 and 2017 it boasts an array of captivating history and vibrant culture making it the perfect location for visitors and locals.

Bristol is home to stunning outdoor areas such as cycle-tracks and award winning parklands which host numerous festivals throughout the year. Along with modern style dining and fascinating street art, Bristol is the perfect blend of old and contemporary culture.

History of Bristol

The town was originally a port trading with Ireland. By the 16th century, Bristol was trading with Spain and its American Colonies. A large majority of their trade involved smuggling prohibited goods such as food and guns to Iberia during the Anglo-Spanish war. This illegal trade soon became essential for the survival of Bristol’s economy.

One of Bristol’s most treasured figures is Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Brunel’s engineering talents helped shape Bristol into the city it is today. He designed the Great Western Railway which runs between Bristol and London. He also pioneered two ocean steamships built in Bristol as well as designing and constructing the city’s floating harbour which is still in use today.

During World War II Bristol was heavily damaged by bombings causing destruction to nearly 100,000 buildings and killing 1,300 people. The rebuild during the 1960s and 1970s introduced skyscrapers and modern architecture to the city. This was the beginning for the multicultural Bristol that is known today.


Attractions around Bristol


Thriving with impressive theatres, dining, shopping, boat trips, museums and stunning landscapes, to name a few, Bristol is vivacious with something to offer every one of its visitors no matter their interests. For a taste of history step aboard the famed Brunel’s SS Great Britain or visit the Bristol Cathedral to view its spectacular ornate designs that have existed for centuries.

For some family fun, visit the Bristol Aquarium or go on a journey through the amazing history of Bristol’s Aviation at the Bristol Aerospace Museum. Along with historic sites and fun filled activities, Bristol offers an array of well-renowned shopping and dining which people from all over the UK often travel to visit.

Bristol also sits as an ideal location for visiting surrounding areas. With London situated only less than a three-hour drive away, visitors and locals often take advantage of this short drive to visit London’s attractions. People often travel to closer areas such as Melksham to visit the well-known Skin Clinic, Snowberry Lane. People travel here due to the clinic’s reputation for being up to date in procedures such as tattoo removal and their use of state of the art technology.

Whoever visits Bristol and whatever their interests may be, this spectacular city is guaranteed to entertain everyone. Its abundance of culture, arts and history make it the ultimate place for a weekend escape or even a great place to live. Bristol is an enchanting city with wonderful history and a charm that makes it a treasure for the UK.


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